Managing your revenue centers is easier than ever before with Quantic POS for Full Service Restaurants

Table Management

Create a virtual dining room that reflects the physical layout of your main dining area. With several options for table shape and size, ensure your servers are confident who’s in their section with Quantic’s service areas.

Elapsed Time on Tables

With our Quantic KDS, ensure your servers stay attentive to your guests with Elapsed Time on Tables. Track from the moment a table is seated to their bill is paid to learn your average table turn-over time

Positioning & Coursing

Give your servers the confidence to split checks by position and even time courses with Quantic POS. Serve dishes only when hot and on-time for your guests.

Give your employees the tools they need to create a cohesive and consistent experience for guests.

QR Employee Clocks Ins

Although we already offer a unique 4 to 6 digit clock-in pin our QR
clock-ins allows your servers a faster option! ! No memorization
required. Easily create and send servers their QR code, and have them
clock in using their smartphone.

Customer Notes

One of the benefits of having a smart POS system like Quantic is that it stores FSR’s customer information. Image your servers already knowing a guest’s dietary need or allergy information. For the first time, they can suggest new dishes related to their previous orders! If you’re looking for a POS solution to add value to your customer experience, it doesn’t get any better than anticipating your guest’s desires even before they’re seated.

Add Suggested Tip on the Receipt

We’ve all been there, at the very end of a delicious meal the worst part is calculating the tip! With the option to add suggested tips to receipts, take the math out of the meal and watch your average tips increase!

Reorder from Previous Orders

Do you have a dish that tortures your guest’s memory? Sometimes our tastebuds have a better memory than we do. Put guests at ease during those “what was it that we had last time” moments, with previous order information stored on customer profiles! Your servers no longer need to be mind-readers, just equipt with Quantic POS to reorder your guest’s favorite dishes!

Our à la carte product ecosystem is interconnected so even FSR’s can be at the cutting edge of the hospitality industry.

Employee Sales Summary Reports

If at the end of a shift you want to see a sales report from your servers our Quantic Backend Portal includes a comprehensive Employee Sales Summary Report. Compare employee sales to labor overhead and reward or promote your top earners with concrete data that reflects their merit.

Quantic Analytics

It’s no secret that data is the key to improved customer experience in the future. It is a surprise perhaps, the Quantic POS is an industry leader with their Quanitc Analytics Application for iOS. This jaw-dropping integration with your apple watch or smartphone allows you to take your reports with you and always have a pulse on your business, even while away.

eCommerce Options

Whether you’re offering outside dining or tables spaced 6 feet apart Quantic eCommerce has proven to be an excellent tool for restaurants entering online ordering for the first time. Manage your new online ordering menu alongside your POS. The purchase of eCommerce includes the opportunity to add new revenue streams to your business. If you’re considering going online, Quantic eCommerce is an easy and effective option for the first-time online restauranteur.

Quantic POS for FSR’s offers Fast Features to help your restaurant grow!

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