The flexibility of Quantic Service’s Payment Options

empowers your office to track any outstanding payments
Saved Cards

Flexible Payment Options

In addition to a default card on file, easily add or remove multiple cards to give your patients plenty of options to process their payments. Quantic Services allows you to also have the option of a physical EMV card reader at your office, to ensure your reception has safe and secure hardware for payment.

Partial Payments with Invoicing

If you require your patient to pay a co-pay at the time of services rendered, easily generate an invoice using your service catalog. Once the order has been outlined, take a particle payment by cash or credit card and generate an invoice to ensure remittance of any outstanding bills.
Send Payment Links
Customer Profile

Build a Patient Profile

With Quantic Services easily access patient contact information, previous services, or store a default card on file. With our patient profiles, you can also resend or print receipts, view open invoices, and manually reorder a service like an annual physical or eye-exam.

If you’re looking for a product to help streamline your patient payment process,

Quantic Services is built for productivity.

Refund Options

If you need to process a refund, Quantic Services allows for easy partial or full refunds. Under the patient’s previous procedures or orders simply select the item to be refunded and process the percentage of the service or full amount as requested.
Generate a Patient ID

Generate a Patient ID

Quantic Services allows you to generate a custom field with our product. If your office would prefer to generate a Patient ID, instead of a customer name you can! A patient ID can speed up the reception process and keep track of patient information easily.
Operate Multiple Practices

Operate Multiple Practices

If your a doctor or medical service provider that operates multiple locations, filter in all office data to your reports. With Quantic’s reporting ability easily see which payments have been processed at which office, using the “sales by terminal” options.
Check reports instantly

Monitor Sales Reporting

Our simple reports module allows you to see either sales by service, customer, terminal, or product. Select your desired date range and export sales data by CSV to share with office administrators, doctors, or accountants.
Generate Invoices

Generate, Email & Track Invoices

If your patient is unable to pay the total amount of their appointment, generate an invoice and track its status with Quantic Services. In the Invoice module, see what invoices are pending, have been sent by email, or are paid! Set due dates and follow up with patients to ensure your office receives payment for its services.

Create a Hosted Payment Page

If your sales office wants to create a Hosted Payments Page to allow your patients to process their outstanding medical bills you can! Once designed embed the payments page to your website to open up another convenient revenue channel! Patients can simply enter their invoice number or patient ID to process their payments.

Quantic Services for Health Care Offices offers Fast Features to help your practice grow!

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