Pointy Logo


We are fully integrated with Google’s Pointy. This allows you to display your in-store inventory on Google’s organic search results.

CallerID.com Logo


CallerID.com manufactures Caller ID equipment that allows Quantic POS users to see their customer’s information before even picking up the call. Now speed up your takeout and delivery with CallerID.com.

Intuit Quickbooks Logo

Intuit Quickbooks

Stay on top of your accounting data with Intuit Quickbooks. It is the most powerful business software that syncs well with Quantic, allowing you to push your sales and customer data right to your QB account.

DigitalPour Logo


Quantic and DigitalPour have partnered together to create a seamless inventory management solution. Now you can make any changes to the inventory and DigitalPour will auto-update it in the digital menus and POS.

Boomtown Logo


Quantic has partnered with Boomtown for POS installation and to provide IT support to businesses of all sizes. Be it retail or restaurant, Boomtown helps save time and money by quickly setting up the POS system.