A Payment Terminal Your Customers Will Love

Your growing business needs a smart payment terminal that’s affordable, flexible, and reliable. Introducing the Quantic Smart Terminal, which fits the bill for all sorts of businesses. Now it’s easier to accept payments and print receipts on the go.
QST Main Dining
Pay-at-table through EMV, NFC, or magnetic stripe reader.
Large Touchscreen
Large touchscreen for smooth transaction experience.
Cloud Data
Keep data in sync with the cloud.
Check reports instantly
Stay on top of sales data with the Quantic Smart Terminal dashboard.

More Than Just a Payment Terminal

Quantic Smart Terminal is more than a card machine. It also performs many of the functions that make your business efficient. View reports, email receipts, check the employee sales summary and see cash and credit sales—all from your powerful Quantic Smart Terminal.
Quantic Lite POS

Compact yet powerful

Quantic Smart Terminal is as compact as your smartphone. You can easily carry it in your pocket, walk from table to table and take payments from customers when and where you want. It’s easy to use and seamless—unlike any payment terminal you’ve used before.
  • Two models - PAX A80 and PAX A920.
  • Wireless and 4G enabled payment terminal
  • Best-in-class battery life.
  • Lightweight and clear display.

In-depth reporting, nothing less

Besides being a payment terminal, QST is a superb device that offers real-time reporting. With this stylish handheld payment terminal, you can access critical data and make well-informed business decisions. Manage your business with smarter analytics from this power-packed machine.
Check reports instantly
View the day’s sales summary.
Employee Sale Performance
Monitor employees’ performance with the employee sales summary.
Cloud Data
Batch reporting right from the payment terminal.
Quick Transaction
Check the on-hold and completed transactions.
Tap. Tap. Swipe Device

Tap. Dip. Swipe - Do it your way

Give your customers a choice on how they pay. Payments are secured by Quantic’s end-to-end encryption technology. When it comes to accepting payments and storing data, we always follow the latest security standards.
  • Accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other NFC payments.
  • Accepts payments from chip cards (EMV) in just 2 seconds.
  • Accept payments by swiping the card through a magnetic-stripe reader.
  • Easily add tips right from the smart terminal.

Engineered For Secured Transactions

At Quantic, we are committed to data security. All our devices are compliant with federal security regulations. Quantic Smart Terminal supports encryption through all steps of transactions.
  • High standard in-built data security.
  • Constant monitoring and blocking of suspicious transactions.
  • Prompt support for payment disputes.
  • Digital receipts on email and SMS.
Engineered For Secured Transactions

Quantic Smart Terminal Dashboard - Sales Reports At Your Fingertips

Once you buy a Quantic Smart Terminal, you also get access to the intuitive dashboard. It gives deeper insights into sales reports and batch reports via real time data. With these smart analytics, you can strategize your business and strengthen your bottom line.
Quantic Smart Terminal Dashboard
  • Instantly review the “Last 7 Days Net Sale” on the dashboard.
  • See the “Sales by Pay Type” report.
  • Whether the customer has paid via cash, credit, or gift card – see everything on the dashboard.
  • Stay on top of Total Sales data including Credit and Cash Sales.
  • Check out the Total Gift Card sold and redeemed.
  • See Refunds, Tips, Order Void, etc.
  • Export the reports into an Excel sheet or PDF file.

Two payment terminals to choose from

Every business has specific needs. At Quantic, we provide a personalized experience and offer two different payment terminals–PAX A920 and PAX A80. The first one comes with a PIN on glass feature, while the latter has a physical keypad.

PAX A920 - Smart and Elegant

  • 5-inch large touch screen for best operational experience.
  • 5250 mAh long-lasting battery that works throughout the day.
  • Sleek, stylish, compact, and portable payment terminal.
  • Dual high-quality cameras for fast scan and QR code payments.
  • Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity with advanced functionalities.
PAX A920

PAX A80 - Robust Countertop

  • 4-inch large HD screen with a physical keypad.
  • Optional battery for peak performance in busiest hours.
  • Robust, affordable, and the best countertop payment solution.
  • Plug and Play - Connect to the wall socket and bring it to the action.
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Dial-up connectivity.

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