Run your bar, your way.

Quantic is equipped with countless numbers of features and tools that help bars tap into their potential. Streamline your bar operations with management tools, including, but not limited to, precise ingredient level inventory management and real time reporting.

Customer Management

Take Orders Faster

The one screen checkout feature allows for quicker order taking.

Customer Centric Features

Keep you costumers coming back for more with our loyalty program. This allows for a deeper understanding of each visitor.

Payment Flexibility

Your customers can choose a numebr of payment options, like cash, credit, debit, gift cards, and more.

Split the Check

Enjoying the bar with your friends? No problem- the POS can split the check so everyone pays equal amounts.

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Bar Tabs

something about bar tabs.

Move Your Order from Tab to Table

No need to worry about power outages or losing signal, Ensure that your business continues to process payments. Stay Always On with Quantic to focus on your business.

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Customer Management

Customer Management

Manage customers with ease. With our loyalty program, they'll keep coming back for more. If a certain customer is allergic to something, or has any special needs, you can make sure everything is tailored to their needs with the "notes" feature. Add discounts to certain customers, and use the "previous order" feature to speed up the process.

Regale your customers with payment flexibility

Enable your business to easily split bills and pre-authorize customers’ credit cards for bar tabs so they can hold on to their card.

Keep up with your

Maintain control over your cash flow with Quantic. Track your activity, you can be sure your cash levels are accurate at the end of the day with real time reporting.

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