A power-packed online ordering system for restaurants and retail businesses

that lets guests order for curbside pickup, takeout and delivery with speed.
Ecommerce Express
Quick Ordering

Quick Ordering

Quantic eCommerce Express makes online ordering easy for your guests. They can quickly search the products, add desired quantities, customize the orders with add-ons/modifiers, add special requests and place orders in minutes.
Ecommerce Cart

Faster Checkout

eCommerce Express offers a seamless checkout and reduces the likelihood of guests dropping off the purchase. This page allows your guests to add tips, choose payment methods, add delivery information, and add coupons.
POS Integration

POS Integration

Manage your online orders from the integrated POS. Receive notifications when orders are placed on your eCommerce website. Fulfilled and delivered orders will be marked Picked and Delivered on the POS.

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Time Schedule

Time Schedule for Online Orders

The scheduled online orders feature in Quantic eCommerce Express allows customers to place an order and then schedule a convenient time for the pickup or delivery. You can control online orders using specific timeframes like hours of operation or holiday hours!

Direct Order Printing to the Kitchen

You don’t need multiple platforms to start selling online. Quantic eCommerce Express is a great solution for restaurants—see online orders on the POS under the service area ‘Order Takeout’ or ‘Online Delivery.’

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Cash Discount Screen

Cash Discount

Encourage your customers to pay cash by rewarding them a cash discount on each item. A unique payment method that helps in legally eliminating the credit card processing bill.
  • Item price already includes the processing fees.
  • Cash discount can be applied from the POS if the amount due is paid in cash.
  • Create customer loyalty with cash discounts.
  • Supported by Quantic POS and QuanticLite.

Non Cash Adjustment

Clear, transparent payment processing that displays non-cash adjustments/surcharges for credit card payments at the end of the bill. Saves money and simplifies payments.
  • Non-cash adjustment price is added at the order subtotal.
  • Encourages customers to pay cash.
  • An ultra transparent payment processing system that displays the extra fees on the bill.
  • Supported by Quantic POS, QST, QuanticLite, and eCommerce Express.
Non Cash Adjustment
Cash Price and Card Price Screen

Consumer Choice

A customer-focused processing program that shows the dual pricing (cash price and card price) at the checkout. Consumer Choice allows the guests to choose the mode of payment at their convenience.
  • Transactions are displayed on CDS, meaning 100% transparency.
  • Shows no fees for cash transactions and adds processing fees for card transactions.
  • Customers are free to choose any payment method—cash or card—at checkout.
  • Supported by Quantic POS, QST, and QuanticLite.

Reward Pay (Payroc)

The intelligent payment processing program indicates whether a processing fee is required for a credit/debit card payment! Just swipe the card on the terminal, and the smart API service does the rest.
  • Completely transparent payment processing.
  • Shows ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for processing fees in just a few seconds.
  • Fully compliant with all major card brands.
  • Supported by Quantic POS, QST, and QuanticLite.
Loyalty Program

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