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Online Tip Option

Customers can tip on any online orders, whether take-out or delivery, so don’t miss out on any tip revenue. Create promotions and discount codes to get your customers excited to order online!

Smartphone Optimized

Your customers can browse your website and place an order using any smartphone or tablet. Online Ordering with Quantic eCommerce is hassle-free and intuitive. Thanks to our integration with Pointy.

Shipping Options with UPS and FedEx

Sell your products online without worrying about shipping with the help of our shipping rate calculator. Also, enjoy our flat rate integration to easily re-ship orders of the same size and weight.

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Currently available with existing Quantic POS clients!

What Makes Quantic to Top eCommerce Provider?

Time Schedule for Online Orders

With Quantic eCommerce, scheduled online orders allow customers to place an order and then schedule a convenient time for their pick up or delivery. You can control online orders using specific timeframes like hours of operation or holiday hours!

Direct Order Printing to the Kitchen

No need to work on different platforms to get started online, which makes Quantic eCommerce easy to set up for restaurants. You can even see the online orders on the POS under the service area, “Online Takeout” or “Online Delivery.”

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