Quantic POS for Quick Service helps
scale your business

Print Order-Labels for Pick Up

Our Label Printing options ensure that pick-up orders are always marked so you never give out the wrong order. Add your company logo to your labels to ensure a branded and recognizable customer experience.

Operate Multiple Locations

Our Quantic Enterprise option allows for multiple business locations to utilize a unified menu, item description, and pricing so you can provide your customer the same experience, no matter where they order!

Manage your Delivery Radius

Our robust Take Out and Delivery options allow you to manage your drivers and delivery radius with Quantic eCommerce. Your website will automatically communicate with a customer if they are eligible for delivery!

Process a Quick Transaction

If a customer comes up to the counter and wants a fast and small transaction, our Quick Charge option allows you to process payments without creating a customer profile.

Quantic Pizza Builder

Our Quantic Pizza Builder allows for complex customization! Set pizza toppings to whole, half, or quarter coverage our price calculations will ensure that every topping is profitable.

Quantic offers essential business tools, to keep you growing.

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Our QSR features help to speed up ordering so your customers can place, pay, and pick-up effortlessly

Online Ordering

With Online Ordering through Quantic eCommerce customers can place their orders online and for easy in-store pick up.

Kitchen Display System

Our KDS systems connect with eCommerce so the moment an order is placed, your line-staff is notified and can start prepping.

Setup Self Ordering Kiosks

For onsite orders, our Self Ordering Kiosks allow customers to select and customize their orders and even make pay effortlessly.

Reward Repeat Customers with Loyalty Points

You also have the ability to enable Loyalty Points to incentivize repeat customers. Set your own loyalty rewards perimeters so repeat dollars are still profitable, even when discounted.

Quantic offers the essential features your customers expect from a cutting-edge POS system

Enable Scan & Pay

In observance of local guidelines, you can enable a Scan & Pay option for your customers so they can process their payments safely using just a QR code link!

Enable a Text or Email Receipt

This receipt option helps you to stay not only stay environmentally friendly but can reduce the cost and frustration of purchasing and unjamming wasted receipt paper.

Enable Caller ID

With CallerID on your POS, anytime a repeat customer calls to order, address them by name, update their delivery address, and even reorder their favorite dishes!

Quantic POS for Quick Service Restaurants offers Fast Features to help your business grow!

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