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Add Inventory

To add inventory, simply scan and add an item directly to your POS! If you are switching POS systems, quickly transfer your existing inventory! Some select upload formats may be required.

Track Inventory

Anytime an item is purchased your inventory will be updated in real-time. Get notifications when your stock runs low, and send Purchase Orders to vendors straight from your Retail POS!

Inventory Value

Quantic’s Retail POS has reports that show your current inventory value as well as the cost of goods sold. Ensure that you’re stocked and ready for any rush with Inventory Value!

Stock Status

Easily see if items are over or understocked. Stock status will enable you to add any new stock to your QTY in Hand as well as substract actual items sold in real-time. 


Our hassle-free integration with Socket Scanners makes ringing out customers easy and familiar. Scan your custom UPC bar codes to update your register and quickly check out your guest!


CAS scales are directly integrated with our Retail POS making weighing items efficient with intuitive sales rate calculations. Any item up to 60 pounds can be weighed and calculated effortlessly.

Purchase Order

Create a purchase order directly from Quantic to send to your vendors.

After the shipment is received, the inventory will be updated automatically!

Vendor Management

Add and edit vendors for your business all in one place.

 Consolidate your old software costs with one smart solution and start saving money!

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