You Serve The Customers. & Let Our Self Ordering Kiosk Take The Orders.

Does your restaurant miss orders due to heavy footfall? Or you just can’t scale up your business? You need the Quantic self-ordering kiosk. Our technologically advanced device takes orders from your customers and sends orders directly to the kitchen in just a few taps. Now you can scale up your business without worrying about increasing labor costs. Our intelligent kiosk works as a smart employee (without a paycheck) and reduces wait time.

Why Choose Quantic Self Ordering Kiosk?

Money Tip

Automates the ordering process

Our self-ordering kiosk is a money saver right from the first day. It cuts the unnecessary staff cost, automates the ordering, and beautifies your restaurant.
Improve Guest Experience

Increases profits significantly

Quantic self-ordering kiosk is proven to deliver ROI in less than 5 months. Our clients have witnessed increased sales and new customer acquisition within a few months’ time.

Customer retention and delight

Less waiting time, quick order processing, and high-quality service lead to customer delight. This translates into more recommendations that ultimately encourage business scalability.
Quick Ordering

Easy to use interface

Your customers would love to use our self-ordering kiosk. It’s highly intuitive, looks elegant and it’s simple to use. It shows your complete menu, hence the chances of getting more orders.

Create the best ordering experience

  • Your customers are free to choose their orders with add-ons and modifiers.
  • Your customers can opt for SMS updates on order completion.
  • An integrated Quantic terminal will ease the payment process. Either tap, dip or swipe on the terminal itself.

Upsell with autosuggestions

  • Quantic self-ordering kiosks can be programmed to upsell.
  • It can suggest to your customers the relevant add-ons, updates, combos, and modifiers.
  • It also provides detailed sales reports or customer preferences insights.
Loyalty Program

Turn first-timers into regulars with Loyalty programs

  • Create customized loyalty programs based on spending, subscriptions, items purchased, etc.
  • Leverage loyalty programs to capture guest details and give them VIP experiences on special occasions.
  • Send promotional offers to the guest and increase repeat sales.

Streamlined coordination between guests and kitchen

  • Orders from Quantic self-ordering kiosk go directly to the kitchen - means fewer errors and quick delivery.
  • Seamless integration with POS leads to efficient operations.
  • Get valuable customer insights for business planning and inventory optimization.

Detailed reporting

Quantic Smart Terminal Dashboard
  • With Quantic self-ordering kiosk you can get detailed sales reports.
  • It helps you to restructure your business, stock more what sells more, and increase your revenue stream.
  • Gather the customer preferences data and make smart business decisions.

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