Add Coupons

Quick Charge & Custom Discounts

Make on-the-fly changes with or without a traditional card swipe. Quantic services also allow for custom customer discounts and quick tap-to-apply privileges.
Card Capturing

Credit Card Capturing

Easily set up manual reoccurring payments with captured cards on file. Have customers call ahead and offer totally paperless and contactless transaction.
Cash Discounts

Cash Discounts

Instead of paying surcharge fees, offer a Cash Discount to reward your cash-paying customers.


Get paid faster! Quantic Service allows you to set due dates, track payments, and process in-email payments. Our invoicing feature ensures you get paid for the work you do. Customize your email message and track your invoice status all in one place.

Sales Reporting

Search for customer’s previous orders safely and securely. Get detailed reports like check average, top-sellers, and 7-day net sales. There’s no math required with Quantic Services. Our cart automatically updates with each new item and even has the capability to use any tax class.
Quantic Services Sales

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