Running low on high-demand stock?
No problem, with Quantic Retail POS!

Generate & Track Unique SKUs

Managing your inventory can be a challenge. That’s why Quantic POS for Retail allows you to generate and track unique SKUs on your products.

Create UPC Bar Codes

Create unique UPC bar codes, so when a customer picks up an item from the shelf your sales associates can easily scan and ring out your customers!

Manage QTY in Hand

Out of stock? Temporarily disable an item to prevent backorders. Quantic empowers Specialty Shops to get ahead of any inventory shortages before the customer makes it to the register!

Low Stock Alerts

Never over-sell again. If your sales associate tries to sell low-stock items a pop-up will restrict them from creating a negative inventory!

Generate Purchase Orders

If your shop has Purchase Orders, Quantic’s Backend Portal is designed for easy reordering. Add items from your catalog and email the PO direct to the vendor.

Quantic offers essential business tools, to keep you growing.

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Get your unique products in-front of more customers with Quantic Retail POS & eCommerce

Online Ordering

With Online Ordering through Quantic eCommerce customers can place their orders online and for easy shipping or in-store pick up.

FedEx & UPS Intergrations for Online Orders

Our smart integrations with UPS & FedEx allow your specialty store to ship items throughout the country. With eCommerce’s lasting impact on retail businesses — Quantic is a great option for the first-time online retailer!

Quantic Retail POS improves
the customer shopping experience!

Create Custom Coupons & Promotions

Keep customers coming back with custom coupons! Generate your own limits so no matter the promotion, your in control of the timeframe, percentage — and of course the profit!

Customer Notes & Order History

Now your cashiers can upsell new items related to previous orders. Looking to add value to your shopping experience? Just imagine anticipating your customer’s desires right at the register! Impress your customers with Quantic’s previous order details!

Easily Mark Guests as Tax - Exempt​

Be confident when the occasional diplomat or special case shops your store! Pre-set customer profiles to tax-exempt so your associates can check-out fearlessly.

Our product ecosystem makes any specialty shop
an industry leader!

Employee Sales Summary Reports

If at the end of a shift you want to see a sales report from your associates our Quantic Backend Portal includes a comprehensive Employee Sales Summary Report. Compare employee sales to labor overhead and reward or promote your top earners with concrete data that reflects their merit.

Quantic Analytics

It’s no secret that data is the key to improved customer experience in the future. It is a surprise perhaps, the Quantic POS is an industry leader with their Quanitc Analytics Application for iOS. This jaw-dropping integration with your apple watch or smartphone allows you to take your reports with you and always have a pulse on your business, even while away.

Quantic for specialty shops offers Fast Features to help your store grow!

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