Quantic Lite

(Features List)

Time & Employee Management

  • Add Employee
  • Restricted Clock-in Access
  • Print Shift Summary
  • Select Role
  • Employee Clock-in/Clock-out
  • Last Clocked-in Time


  • Last Clocked-in Time
  • Email/Text Alert if not batched out
  • Alert Notification on Lite if not batched out
  • Close batch from one terminal for all

Customer Management

  • Manage Customer Data
  • Customer Rewards/Loyalty
  • Save Order Notes
  • Setup House Account Limit

Table Management

  • Table Mapping
  • Table Sorting (from the portal)
  • Table Grid View/List View
  • Elapsed Time on Tables
  • Start Tab in Table
  • Guest Count Based Gratuity
  • Coursing/Auto-coursing
  • Positioning


  • Sales Summary
  • Employee Sales Summary
  • Batch Report
  • Terminal Sales Summary
  • Transaction List Report
*Some reports are only available on Portal

Tips Management

  • Custom Tip Prompt
  • Tip Adjustment Access
  • Suggested Tip on the Receipt

Menu / Catalog Management

  • Terminal-Based Menu
  • Color-Coded Menus
  • Set Count for Specials
  • Assign Printer to the Item
  • Customize with Modifiers and Images
  • Meal Period-Based Menu
  • Centralized Menu Management
  • Create Weight Items
  • Create Length Items

Inventory Management

  • Optimized for Web and In-Store
  • Track Inventory
  • Allow Negative Inventory
  • Add Stock
  • Set Out of Stock

Discount Management

  • Special Promotions
  • Item/Order Level Discounts
  • Discounted Coupons/Vouchers
  • Set Discount Eligible Menu


  • EMV Capability
  • Apple Pay Payment Compatible
  • Cash
  • Credit or Manual Credit
  • House Account Payment
  • Split Payments Evenly
  • Full/Partial Refund
  • *Gift Cards- EBT, NFC, and Custom
  • QR Scan and Pay
  • Split Check Option
  • EBT Cards as User-Defined Payment
  • Card on File

Payment Programs

  • Cash Discount
  • Non-cash Adjustment
  • Consumer Choice

Cash Management

  • Virtual Cash Drawer (Only to map cash sales)

Integrations (Payment Processors)

  • Payroc
  • PAX
  • IBX (for manual credit)

Third Party Integrations

  • QuickBooks Online (Maps your sales data
  • Chowly (Integrates Lite with Online orders)

Lite Hardware Integration

Thermal Printer

Epson TM-M30/M10
Star TSP143/100

Impact Printer

Epson TM U220
Star SP742 (STR-001)

Handhelds (Payment Terminals)

PAX A920
PAX A920Pro
AMP 8200