Accepting Payments on Quantic Charge

Currently, Quantic Charge supports cash and card (manual and saved cards) payment methods. Using the following ways you can get paid on the Quantic Charge.

Paying via Manual or Saved Cards

  1. Once you have added the stuff that your customer wants to buy, just click on the Charge button (green color button at the bottom left corner). 
  1. The payment screen will appear as seen in the above screenshot. Here you will see a couple of payment options.
Card Payment Example
  1. Cash
    Use this option if your customer wants to pay via cash. 
  2. Manual Card
    Use this option if a customer wants to pay via a credit card. This payment method requires you to have the credit card details only and not the physical card. So you can enter the card details and accept the payment.  
  3. Card on File
    Use this option to pay via the saved customer cards. 
  4. Invoice
    Use this option if a customer wants to pay at a later date.
  1. The payment receipt will be generated on successful payment. 

Note: Paying via card will attract an additional 4% surcharge. The Worldnet payment gateway has this setup from their backend, so you don’t have to set it up anywhere on the portal. However, you can show the surcharge on the receipt by disabling the configuration “Enable Consumer Choice”. If you wish to have the surcharge adjusted to the items, please turn on the configuration “Enable Consumer Choice”.

  1. You can track the transactions from the Transaction Report as seen in the image above. Go to the Reports from the left navigation menu and select Pay Type Transactions.

Paying via Userdefined Payments

Besides card and cash, you also use user-defined payments to pay for the order. Below you can see how to add a user-defined payment and pay on the Charge.

  1. Go to Settings from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select Setup.
  1. Select User Defined Payment Method.
  2. Click the Edit button and select Add New.
  3. Add any user-defined payment and click Save.
  4. Similarly, you can add as many user-defined payments in Charge.
  1. Now add item to the cart, click Charge, and select User-Defined Method on the payment screen.
  1. Select the preferred user-defined payment and the receipt will be generated.