Applying Tips in Quantic Charge

On Charge you can apply tips to the order. The feature can be enabled or disabled from the Charge portal as per the need. Here are the quick steps. 

  1. Go to Settings from the left navigation menu.
  2. Search Enable Tip Section and turn on this configuration.
  1. Now add an item to the cart.
  2. Click Charge at the bottom.
  1. Select Tip Adjustment.
  1. Enter the tip amount in the Add Tip field.
  2. Click the Tip Add button.
  1. The balance due added with tips will display on the payment screen.
  2. Select the preferred mode of payment to pay for the order.
  1. On successful payment, the receipt will be generated with tips added to it.
  1. You can also track the added tips from the Pay Type Transaction report. Go to Reports > Select Pay Type Transactions.