Sales Order History

Glance the sales history on a single page under the Sales Order History menu. Customer asking for a refund? No worries! Get it done with some quick steps.

Searching for previous orders

Click on the left navigation baron the top left-hand corner and select
Sales Order History as seen in the screenshot.In the search tab, you can search for an order with the order number or by
date. In this example, we searched with the help of the order number and the
details of the order are visible on the right-hand side of the screen.You can also view the invoice or get a refund by clicking on the appropriate

This is how the enlarged invoice appears after clicking the View Invoice

Refunding an order

To refund an order, you need to open that order as seen in the screenshot. Click the Refund button and the screen will appear.On the refund screen, choose either Partial Refund or Full Refund as per the
customer’s needs. On completion, the refund amount will be reflected on the
Order Detail page.