10 essential features of Quantic’s ecommerce to streamline online ordering

Published On: August 4th, 2023
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In the fast-paced world of business, an easy to use and reliable POS system is essential for success. Quantic POS’ Ecommerce solution offers a wide range of powerful features to help businesses manage their online orders seamlessly.

Menu Management:
The POS catalog directly integrates with the ecommerce platform to avoid repeated data entry or managing multiple menus or catalogs. Additionally, the option to have separate names, prices, descriptions, and pictures is available for the site.

Order Management:
If an order needs modifying, those additional options and upsells associated with item ordering are available and integrated as well.

Kitchen Management:
Online orders populate on the Kitchen display screen as well as print to their assigned printers with Quantic’s new online printing assignment function. Additionally, no special online printer is needed to make use of this new feature.

Payment Programs:
Quantic POS’ Ecommerce provides versatile payment program options. With the ability to implement surcharging for specific payment methods, you can cover processing fees and manage costs effectively.

Time Scheduling:
Efficient time scheduling is crucial for online orders. Quantic POS allows you to set up time intervals for order placement based on order types. Also, for holidays you can temporarily disable online ordering.

Customer Management:
Customers can access their online profiles to track previous orders and review any accrued loyalty. Utilize those hard earned loyalty points by redeeming them at checkout.

Discount Management:
With discount codes, customers can utilize your marketing strategies by redeeming discounts.

Tip Management:
Customize tipping options for online orders, allowing customers to enter custom tip amounts or choose from predefined tips.

Look & Feel:
Quantic POS enables you to add homepage and menu banner images, making the platform visually appealing.

Delivery Management:
With Quantic E-commerce, you can set minimum order totals for delivery orders and Zip code-based delivery charges. Additionally, distance-based delivery restrictions help optimize timely service.

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