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Display menu specials and features, promotions, engaging images, or any other content on our advanced digital boards.

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Quantic Digital Signage – Turn walls into promotional spaces

Streamline your bar or restaurant and engage customers with digital banners. Transform your bare restaurant walls into a promotional masterpiece with Quantic’s digital signage. The strategically designed Quantic digital signage aligns with your brand image. The eye-catching display screen entices passersby to stop at your restaurant to see what you are selling.

Restaurant Digital banner

An engaging way to upsell and drive sales

Customize Layout
Customize your style

Our easy-to-use digital signage offers a customization options to impress your clients and make them come back for more.

Slideshow or video - Icon
Run slideshows or menus

Divide the screen into as many as 3 different sections in order to showcase slideshows, and digital menus.

Orientation Option
Dual screen size and orientation

Our diverse screen sizes, orientation options, and formats showcase your products with style.

Impact home Screen
Impactful home screen

Choose a background color or image that suits your restaurant’s theme. You can also include your logo!

Quantic Digital Signage – The fastest growing form of advertising.

Designed for advertising in today’s marketplace, it offers multiple promotional functions in various media formats.

Restaurant with Digital Board
  • Easy to Use Software
  • Engaging Content
  • Dynamic Content Integrations
  • Multi-Screen Support
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Lower creative costs
  • Better Digital Connectivity

Schedule seasonal promotions in advance

Quantic digital signage empowers you to showcase irresistible visual promotions, effortlessly spotlighting seasonal offers. Schedule and display captivating images that captivate your audience’s excitement and boost revenue.

Diffret Banner

Digital Signage Key Features

  • Multi Layout Display
  • Image Content

  • Application Integration
  • Multi User Access

Growing businesses across many sectors

Retail POS
Bar POS - Management
Grocery Store - POS
Quick Service
Quick Service
Food Truck
Food Truck
CBD Store
CBD Store

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