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POS System for Cafes/Coffee Shop

Quantic Point of Sale to manage cafes and coffee shops

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Quantic POS for Cafes & Coffee Shops

Quantic POS system for cafes is a tool that is used by small, medium, and large cafes/coffee shops to streamline the delivery, takeaways, online orders, kitchen, billing process, and more. Cafe management software saves your time and helps you to offer a personalized experience to the customers.

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Benefits of using Quantic POS for Cafes

Cafe POS - Group
  • Simple Order Management

  • Reorder History

  • Customer Management

  • Employee Management

  • Delight your customers

  • Send Immediate Kitchen Orders

  • Inventory Management

  • Successful Business Scaling

Why Choose Quantic POS System for Cafes?

Cafés are the most active spots you’ll track down in your area. Dealing with activities of a cafe during peak hours including weekends can be quite challenging. To keep this interaction simple and on time, Quantic coffee shop POS software is essential keeping all interactions simple and on time. Our Cafe POS system helps you manage tables, track inventory, monitor waste, and perform quick billing. You can also run your business using a cloud-based solution and access real-time reports from your mobile device.

Cafe Operation

How does Quantic POS System streamline your Cafe Operations?

Improve efficiency, reduce human errors, increase sales, save time, automate tasks and give your cafes and coffee shops the ease of managing operations with our cafe POS software.

Cafe Key Features

  • Express Tablet Billing

  • Sales
  • Customer Retention

  • Online Orders Management

  • Plan Production
  • Customized Orders

  • Design Combo packs

  • Inventory Management

  • Waste Management

  • Kitchen Management

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