The Dashboard is the first screen that you will see after logging in to your Quantic Services account. It is intuitively designed to display the sales data graphically and through a pie chart.
Once you land on the dashboard screen, the 7 Days Sales and Sales by Category data will auto-populate on your screen.
That’s not all, you can scroll down the dashboard screen to view the Aging Report which shows all your current invoices from the past 30 days. That’s
where you can check the status of your invoices whether they are paid, have been sent out, overdue, or still pending.

The best part is you can even pull out the live invoices by simply clicking over the invoice number. This is a detailed invoice that consists of details such as - item purchased, quantity, price per item, and cumulative total. If you want the soft copy of the invoice, simply click the Email button at the bottom, enter the email address and click Send at the bottom.