Quantic Customer Display System

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Customer Displays Have Never Been Simpler for Merchants

As a business owner, you may worry about how to offer a transparent checkout experience to your guests. CDS is the solution

  • Provide better checkout experience
  • Minimize return or exchange
  • Ensure the regulatory compliance

  • Increase customer engagement with your brand and loyalty program

Create unique system that works for you and your business.

Order Transparency

Any allergy information, discounts, or special notes will be shown to the customer as they are added.

Loyalty Points

Customers can view the loyalty points redeemed, discount applied and tax information.


Guests can review the order information hence reducing the chances of errors.

Payment prompts

CDS displays the Cash and Credit prices, so the guests can choose the apt one.

Delight your clients with a trustworthy and modern checkout experience

  • Review items with modifiers

  • Display special notes

  • Add tips with signature

  • Predefined tips option
  • Email/Text/Print receipts

  • Process contactless transactions

  • Saves time at checkout

CDS Key Features

Increase order accuracy, reduce waiting times with many cool features.

  • Review items with modifiers

  • Predefined tips option
  • Add tip with signature

  • Display special notes

  • Text receipts
  • Print receipts
  • Email receipts
  • Review loyalty and discounts

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