Dazzling display that tells what you sell

The strategically designed Quantic digital signage aligns with your brand image.
The eye-catching display screen entices passersby to stop at your restaurant to see what you
are selling.
Customize Menu

Customize the way you want

Our easy-to-use digital signage offers thousands of customization options.
Slideshows or Videos

Run slideshows or videos

Divide the screen into as many as 3 different sections in order to showcase slideshows, videos, and digital menus.
Orientation Screen

Dual screen size and orientation options

Our varied screen size and orientation options allow you to choose the style that suits your products best.
Digital Menu Home Screen

Create an Impactful Home Screen

Choose a background color or image that suits your restaurant’s theme. You can also include your logo!

An engaging way to upsell and drive sales

Digital Menu

Upsell and cross-promote more efficiently

Quantic offers separate screen zones enabling you to display multiple menus, specials, and promos simultaneously. Engage your customers further with slideshows, videos, and more.

Engage your guests while they wait

Quantic digital signage can entertain your guests while they wait for their orders. The captivating digital menu board will help the time fly by.
Restaurant Area
Order Taking

Schedule seasonal promotions in advance

Quantic digital signage syncs with your POS, making it easy for admin to select items to display. We offer grid and list views to show available options for display.

Flexible and Cost-Effective

An affordable way to present your products and services to the customers and drive impressive sales. No more worries about printing and shipping costs for your menus.
Flexible and Cost-Effective

Syncs with your POS

Quantic digital Signage is synced with your POS, which makes it easy for the admin to select categories and items to display on the signage. You can choose a grid view or list view to show the items on the signage.
Syncs with your POS

How to get started:

  • Step 1. Subscribe to the Quantic Digital Signage module from the backend portal.
  • Step 2. Set up the screens and customize your displays.
  • Step 3. Enter the digital signage code in the Metis Signage portal.
  • Step 4. Wow your customers with your Quantic digital signage.

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