Step 1 – If you have connected the scanner via bluetooth to the IOS device before, go to settings → bluetooth and then select the blue “i” and forget the device completely.

Step 2 – Turn bluetooth on the IOS device completely off

Step 3 – Take the socket scanner and power it off and then back on 1 time.

Step 4 – Take the socket scanner and scan the “factory reset” barcode. This will also power the device off.

Step 5 – Turn the socket scanner device back on, once powered on scan the “IOS application mode” barcode, the device should beep twice.

Step 6 – Now we can re-enable the bluetooth on our IOS device again. After doing so you should see “Socket S740 [ S/n ]” as a device. Connect to the device , wait for the device to be fully connected – the bluetooth icon will stop blinking and be a solid blue light.

Step 7 – Make sure that the setting “enable socket scanner” is enabled inside the POS.

Step 8 – Lastly just start a cart on the POS and attempt to scan a barcode.

Step 9 – If this does not work, repeat from step 1.

If the usual troubleshooting does not work have them remove all bluetooth devices connected and turn off the iPad. Wait for a few seconds and turn the iPad back on and go back to step 1. That should clear out the bluetooth cache and the device should be able to reconnect.