How Quantic Reports Improve Your Retail and Restaurant Operations

Published On: December 13th, 2023
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In the vibrant world of retail and restaurants, Quantic Reports are your trusted companion, making everyday tasks a breeze and guiding your business decisions with a friendly touch. In this blog, we will check out some of the reports that can help your business.

Product Mix Report

Tracking your best and worst sellers

Capture the performance of your catalog with Quantic’s Product Mix Report, an invaluable companion that ensures each sale item receives meticulous attention and care, much like having a reliable helping hand by your side.

Hourly Sales Reports
Your Business’s Real-Time Rhythm

Think of this as your business’s dance floor. Quantic’s Hourly Sales Reports give you real-time insights into sales patterns, helping you adjust your moves – whether it’s staffing, promotions, or adapting to the rhythm of market changes.

Employee Sale Summary
Powering Your Work Squad

Your team is your powerhouse. With Employee Sale Summary, Quantic empowers each team member with insights, creating an atmosphere of growth and collaboration – like a supportive squad working together towards success.

Sales Summary/EOD
Your Business Snapshot

Consider Sales Summary/EOD as your business Polaroid. It captures a snapshot of your daily financial story, offering a full view from total sales figures to the stars of the show – your best-selling products.

Embark on your journey to business bliss with Quantic Reports. It’s not just a tool; it’s like having a savvy friend who speaks the language of your retail or restaurant venture, making each day a step closer to success.

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