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Published On: January 8th, 2024

In the ever-evolving business landscape, choosing the right partnership is key. Aligning with Quantic offers agents and resellers a unique set of advantages. In this blog, we’ll explore why becoming a Quantic partner is a strategic move that can transform your business.

Multiple Verticals:
Quantic POS empowers your business to concentrate on the specific industry you desire. Quantic’s extensive experience across multiple industry verticals, including Quick Service Restaurants, Full Service Restaurants Retail, CBD, and more.

Flexible Integration:

Quantic POS adapts to diverse industry needs. Customize and integrate seamlessly into your clients’ operations, whether it’s Android or iOS. Our tailored solutions include Quantic Lite and Smart Terminal. Lite simplifies operations for small businesses, offering an efficient and user-friendly solution. Smart Terminal also helps small operations with a stand-alone card reader. These specialized options ensure businesses of all sizes have the tools for success.

Training and Support:

Quantic provides extensive training opportunities and resources for your team to make sure your customers can be confident using the system and know they can depend on your support. Additionally, Quantic POS offers options for 24/7 support for promptly addressing their issues and concerns. We also have a YouTube channel where you can stay updated on how to use Quantic POS.

Seamlessly integrate with trusted partners

Quantic seamlessly integrates with trusted partners to enhance your business operations.

CallerID transforms customer interactions with vital pre-call details. Gain insights on names, preferences, and past interactions for personalized service. Enhance satisfaction, build loyalty, and create positive customer experiences.

Doordash Drive can assign a dasher to the orders placed through online ordering, pick up the orders from the restaurant, and deliver them to the customer, while the guests can track their orders from the online portal.

Quickbooks is a popular accounting software that integrates and syncs well with Quantic. This powerful integration allows you to push your sales right to your Quickbooks account with the utmost accuracy.

Chowly expands your restaurant’s reach on leading platforms like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Doordash.

Joining Quantic isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a strategic decision propelling your business toward success. With cutting-edge technology, comprehensive support, flexible integration, lucrative revenue opportunities, and continuous training, being a Quantic partner opens doors to growth and prosperity in the digital era. Elevate your business effortlessly by becoming a Quantic Partner.

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