What is Chowly?

Chowly is a POS integration software that aggregates online orders from third-party delivery platforms and integrates them directly into your restaurant’s POS system. With Chowly, restaurants can increase their off-premise revenue by selling their products on some of the top online platforms such as Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Doordash.

Why Chowly?

  1. Reduced labor costs – No need to have a dedicated resource to manually enter the online orders in the POS.
  2. Reduced errors – Less human intervention reduces the risk of human errors such as entering a wrong item or missing some modifier.
  3. Rise in order volume – Having an online presence increases the chances of getting noticed which leads to receiving more orders.
  4. More revenues – With Chowly you get a chance to expand your online presence which helps you explore the untapped market and generate more revenues.
  5. Menu syncing – Chowly-POS integration allows restaurants to manage all of their delivery menus in one place. All menu changes can be updated with a click of a button.

Pushing Menus to Chowly

  1. Integrate Quantic POS with Chowly.
  2. Enable items or categories for Chowly.
  3. Push menus to Chowly.