Digital Gift Card

What is a Digital Gift Card?

A digital gift card is associated with the customer’s number. Customers need to provide their phone number at the counter, and the server issues a digital gift card (via a link) on that number. These Digital Gift cards can be redeemed to pay for the orders at the counter. While redeeming the card, the customer will receive an OTP on the registered phone number that they can provide to the server to pay for the orders. Since the digital gift card is associated with the customer’s phone number, there is no need to carry any physical gift card, which makes the overall experience hassle-free.

How to set up a Digital Gift Card?

Digital Gift Cards can be setup from your location’s backend portal. To begin with, you will need to first subscribe to the Gift Cards from the Quantic App Store section. Below is the detailed step on how you can setup the Digital Gift cards.

Subscribe to the Gift Card module

  1. On the Quantic backend portal, click App Store on the left navigation menu.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Gift Cards.
  3. Click the Download icon next to the Gift Card module.
  1. A popup will appear, click Get.
  2. Click the Settings icon next to the Gift Card module.
  1. Turn on the settings as shown in the screenshot. The setting marked green are on while the grey symbol indicates the setting is off. Below are a few configurations that you may need to setup from the Settings section of the backend portal to run the gift cards optimally.
  • Enable digital gift cards: Enabling this setting will allow you to issue a digital gift card.
  • Enable Online GC issue from POS: Enabling this setting will allow the user to issue a physical gift card from the POS against the online issued gift cards. So the guest can bring the receipt of the gift card order that the user has purchased from the eCom portal, show it to the cashier and receive the physical gift card from the store. The Online Gift Card button will display in the Gift Card Management section of the POS from where the cashier can issue the phyical gift card.
  • Show gift card balance inside menu: Enabling this setting will allow the server to see the balance remaining in the gift card.
  • Enable Metis gift payment gateway for eCommerce: Enabling this setting will activate the Metis gift payment gateway allowing the entire gift card payment functionality to work hassle-free on the associated eCommerce portals.

Note: Please make sure you have enabled the Enable Gift Card Payment configuration from the backend portal. Follow this path to enable this configuration- Configuration > Enable Gift Card Payment

How to set up a digital gift card of a predefined value?

Gift cards can be set up from the backend portal. You can create a gift card item of any value from the portal. You will need to first create a gift card category and add a gift card item of any value to it.

Create a gift card category

  1. Go to the Catalog section in your Quantic backend portal.
  2. Make sure you have a Gift Card added to the Super Categories tab. Or you can follow this path to create a Gift Card super-category – Super Categories > enter Gift Cards in Enter Super Category field > select an apt tax class and click +Add.
  3. Tap the Categories tab.
  4. Enter Gift Card under the Category field. Or you can assign any name to the gift card category.
  5. Tap the Super Category drop-down and select Gift Card.
  6. Select the tax class. In this example, we have selected the No Tax.
  7. Click Add Category & Setup.
  1. On the Details screen, the assigned category name will appear. In this example, we have created a Gift Card category and the same is appearing in the Category Name field.
  2. Click Image button and upload an image you would like to assign to the gift card category.
  3. You can customize the other fields if you wish to.

Create a gift card item

Gift cards of any value can be added from the Item’s section of the Catalog. Here are the steps to create one.

  1. Go to the Catalog section and tap the Items tab as shown in the screenshot.
  2. Enter the gift card name under the Item Name field. Here we are creating a $25 Gift Card.
  3. Enter the gift card value under the Sale Price field. Since we want to create a gift card valued at $25, so we have put 25 here.
  4. Select Gift Card in the Category drop-down.
  5. Select the appropriate tax class and click Add Item & Setup.
  1. All the prefilled details will display under the Details tab.
  2. You can customize the gift card by adding more details.
  3. Click the Image button and upload an image that you would like to display for this Gift Card on the POS.
  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Now mark the checkbox adjacent to Enable Gift Card Item and click .
  1. Similarly, you can create multiple gift cards and allow your guests to choose from multiple gift card options.
  2. Check the screenshot. Here we have created two gift cards worth $25 and $50.
  1. Once done, the gift cards will be visible on the POS screen, the servers can tap on any gift card and issue or reload a gift card for the given value.

How to Issue a Digital Gift Card?

Once you have setup the digital gift card from the backend portal, you can issue a gift card digitally to the customer by sending a digital copy of that gift card to their phone via text message. Here are the steps to issue a digital gift card.

  1. Log in to the POS app.
  2. Search the gift card from the top section on the POS.
  3. Select the gift card that needs to be issued. Here we have chosen a $25 gift card. Or you can choose the Open Gift Card option to issue a custom amount.
  1. A new popup will appear asking whether you want to issue, reload or check the balance on the gift card.
  2. Tap on Issue.
  3. Tap Digital Card.
  4. Enter the customer’s phone number.
  5. You also have an option to enter the personalized message that the customers will receive on their number.
  6. Click Done to proceed to the next section.
  1. The final amount to be paid will display on the order screen. Now take the payment from the customer and issue the digital gift card.
  2. Once issued, a message will be sent to the registered phone number having a link to access the digital gift card. The guests can use that digital gift card to redeem for the orders.

How to check the Digital Gift card balance?

Balance left in a digital gift card can be checked from the POS under the Gift Card Balance section. Here are the steps.

  1. Log in to the Quantic POS app.
  2. Tap on the hamburger icon to open the left navigation.
  3. Tap on .
  1. Tap the Balance tab and click Digital Card.
  2. Enter the customer’s phone number that is associated with the gift card.
  3. Click Done to proceed to the next section.
  1. The current balance on the gift card will appear on the screen.

How to redeem a Digital Gift card?

Digital Gift cards can be redeemed from the location’s POS app. Once the order is placed, the guests need to present the digital gift card received as text, to the server, an OTP will be forwarded to registered phone number, on successful validation, the digital gift card will be redeemed.

  1. Add items to the order as shown in the illustration.
  2. Once the customer is ready to pay, click the button at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Scroll up to locate the Metis Gift Card option and tap over it. If you are not seeing the Metis Gift Card option, please make sure to enable it using the configuration - "Position of Metis Gift on Pay".
  4. It will open a confirmation screen asking if you want to pay using a gift card. Click Yes over it.
  1. Tap the Digital Card tab.
  2. Enter the digital gift card number and click Send OTP.
  3. The customer will receive an OTP on his/her number, enter that OTP in the field underneath.
  4. Click Done to redeem the gift card.