How to Setup a Loyalty Rewards Program?

Let your customers earn loyalty points with every purchase. They can redeem these points on their next purchase. You can customize the loyalty program as per your business needs. Set loyalty points conversion rate, accrual rate, and accrual target all from the backend portal. Please follow the below steps to set up and start using the loyalty program with Quantic.

Subscribe to the Loyalty module from the backend portal

  1. Sign in to the location’s back-end portal and click App Store on the left navigation.
  2. Scroll down to locate Loyalty and click the Download icon.
  1. Click Get on the Loyalty pop-up.
  1. Click Setting icon next to the Loyalty module as shown in the screenshot.
  1. Great! You have just subscribed to the Loyalty module.
  2. The Loyalty Setup screen will appear where you will be prompted to add other settings. Their descriptions are as follows:.
  • Name of the Reward Program
  • Conversion Rate: How much discount will be given for each point? For eg. If we want the customer to be able to redeem 10 points for 1 dollar, the value of conversion will be $0.1.
  • Accrual Rate: How is each point earned? For eg. If we want the customer to get 2 points for every dollar spent, the accrual rate will be $0.5.
  • Accrual Target: The threshold/min. value of points before they can be redeemed by the customer.
  • Sign up Bonus: Bonus points when a customer enrolls with the business. Tap button to enable the signup bonus and enter the bonus amount in the input box underneath.
  1. Once done, click Save at the bottom.
  2. The customers will now earn the points according to the set accrual rate for both Online and POS orders.
  3. The loyalty points can be redeemed from the POS.

Redeeming Loyalty points from the POS

Once you have set up the loyalty from the backend portal, you can redeem the points for guests from the POS. Login to the Quantic POS and follow the steps below to redeem loyalty points.

  1. To redeem loyalty points in the POS, we need to associate a customer with the order.
  2. Click the icon as shown in the screenshot.
  1. Select the customer that needs to be associated with the order. Any points available for the customer will be available for redeeming.
  1. The customer name will be displayed on the top.
  2. Take order and click Pay.
  1. Locate and click Redeem Points.
  1. The accumulated points will be displayed.
  2. Click Redeem Points.
  1. Once you click on Redeem Points, the discount will be calculated based on the conversion rate and the points available.
  2. The Redeemed Reward Points will display on the order screen and the customer will have to pay the discounted price.