Loyalty Program

Increase customer retention with Quantic’s exclusive Loyalty programs. It gives you an opportunity to increase repeat visits to your business by an astonishing 40-50%. Your customers earn loyalty points with every purchase and those can be redeemed for future purchases. How does it work? Enroll – Earn – Reward, it’s that simple.

Why your store needs a Loyalty program?

  1. More loyal customers – Retain your customers by rewarding them for their repeat purchase behavior.
  2. Sign-up bonus on enrolling– The guest earns a customizable sign-up bonus for enrolling with your business.
  3. Customizable rewards program – Customize the accrual rate, conversion rate, and accrual target.
  4. Pay-via-loyalty points – Guests can pay via the accrued loyalty points on the QLite, POS, Self-ordering, and eCommerce portal.
  5. Track the balance points – Guests can review their balance points from the eCommerce profile and from the self-ordering kiosk.
  6. Boosts revenue – Stores having strong loyalty marketing programs tend to generate higher revenues than others having no loyalty.