What is Doordash Drive?

Doordash Drive is a delivery service provider that restaurants can leverage to offer delivery for the orders placed on their website. Doordash has an in-house fleet of delivery drivers, also known as Dashers that is assigned to online orders from the Doordash backend. Quantic-Doordash integration allows the user to deliver their orders without the hassle of hiring drivers.

Why Doordash Drive?

  1. Speedy delivery – You have access to the extensive team of Dashers whenever you need to provide fast and easy delivery.
  2. Low cost – With Doordash Drive you don’t have to invest in in-house delivery, moreover the hassle of managing the drivers is also eliminated.
  3. Seamless integration with POS – All the online orders flow directly into your POS, which lets you assign the Dasher to deliver the orders.
  4. Live order tracking – Guests can track their order live from the eCommerce portal and servers from the POS, a piece of mind for both.
  5. Hassle-free delivery for restaurants – Restaurants need not focus on hiring drivers, instead they can be fully dedicated to delivering good quality food.
  6. A better delivery experience – With delivery in professional hands, there will be no last-minute surprises.

How does the Quantic and Doordash Drive integration work?

  1. Guest places an order on the eCommerce platform.
  2. Order shows up on the Quantic POS.
  3. Quantic connects with the Doordash Drive and a Dasher is assigned automatically for the order.
  4. Dasher delivers the food to the guest.
  5. Guests can track the order in real-time.