Cash Discount Program

Cash discount is a program that offers a discount (off the regular sale price) to the customers at the time of sale when they pay via cash. Offering an incentive to customers encourages them to pay by cash and avoid using a credit card. It also helps a restaurant avoid paying expensive credit card processing fees that would otherwise be borne by them for accepting cards.

Why merchants should have a Cash Discount program?

  1. Zero card processing fees – The Cash Discount eliminates the card processing fees, reducing the burden on merchants and guests.
  2. Increased cash flow – Paying less than the listed price encourages the guests to pay via cash which increases the cash flow for merchants.
  3. Lesser chances of fraud – Decreased card payment as compared to cash reduces the likelihood of fraud.
  4. Reduction in chargeback – With the low frequency of card payments, the chargebacks also reduce.
  5. Attract customers – Discounts attract the most than any other offer and increase the chances of additional purchases.
  6. Simplifies the payment process – No pricing disputes, data breaches, fraud, or any other complications, just simple cash.