Gift Card

A gift card is a prepaid card often given as a gift and has become one of the most thoughtful alternatives to cash. Similar to a gift certificate, it looks more like a credit card, with a magnetic strip on the back that logs the amount of money that the card holds. If you are one who wants to get a gift for someone but doesn’t know what to choose, consider a gift card. The recipient can use it like a credit card, to spend up to the card’s value at the designated store.

Why physical gift cards?

  1. Promotes your brand awareness – Gift card receiver also learns about your brand, increasing the chances of new customer engagement.
  2. Stay on top of inventory – Track your buyer’s buying behavior with gift card reports and keep the most demanded products in stock always.
  3. A tangible gift – A physical gift card is a tangible and memorable item creating an emotional connection with the person who bought it.
  4. Convenient and secure – Physical gift cards aren’t at risk for online scams. You receive it in hand, providing peace of mind for retailers and customers.
  5. Boost sales – Send sales notifications and promotional messages to gift card subscribers.
  6. Guests earn points – Guests earn loyalty points on every dollar they spend from the gift cards, based on how you have set up your points structure.
  7. Reflects your brand – A high-quality card communicates that your products and services are high-quality, too.

Workflow to sell physical gift cards

  1. The guest requests a gift card of any value.
  2. Cashier scans the pre-printed gift cards on the POS.
  3. Guest pays the money to be loaded into a gift card.
  4. Cashier feeds the gift card amount on the POS.
  5. Cashier completes the sale.
  6. Quantic POS system activates a new gift card.