How to use Enterprise Data Management?

Using Data Management in the Quantic backend portal you can upload a .csv file into the backend portal and push the data as well.

How to upload a .csv file to the backend portal?

  1. After logging into the portal, click the navigation button on the top left.
  2. Click  Data Management icon.
  1. Once at the Data Management section, a link is provided that will allow you to download the excel template for
  • Customer Data.
  • Import Menu/Catalog Item.
  • Modifier Group/Modifier.
  1. The template will contain column headers that are required for uploading into the system.
  2. All of the information does not need to be filled out. However, there will be an error if there is no product name
  3. Once the appropriate information has been entered, we can return to the data management area and upload the .csv file.
  1. Once the file has been chosen, click the Upload button as shown in the screenshot and a confirmation message will appear once the upload has finished.

How to push data to child locations?

  1. From the backend portal, navigate to the Catalog section.
  2. At the catalog/menu section, select the Super Categories or Categories that need to be pushed to the other locations.
  3. Then click on the chain symbol to select which locations the data will be pushed to.
  4. Click the Save button once the appropriate locations have been determined.
  5. Next, repeat the process to the categories, items, modifier groups, and modifiers that need to be pushed.