Scanning Item via Zebra Scanner to Add to Cart For Android POS

Now items can be scanned (via bar code) and added to the cart on Android POS. The Zebra scanner is implemented on the Android POS to get the job done. Users need to enable a configuration from the backend portal – “Enable Zebra scanner” and plug in the Zebra scanner to the Android POS terminal. Below is the high-level overview of you can scan the items via the Zebra scanner and add them to the cart.

  1. Login to your location’s backend portal.
  2. Click Configurations.
  3. Search – “Enable Zebra scanner” as shown in the image and enable the configuration by marking the checkbox. 
  1. Make sure the UPC code has been generated for an item.
  2. You can generate it from the Item details section by following this path – Backend Catalog > select an Item Inventory tab > click Generate UPC.
  3. Now you can use this code to generate a bar code, print it via the label printer, and paste the bar code on an item.
  1. Now you can scan the bar code on an item via the Zebra scanner and it will be added to the cart.
  2. Similarly, you can generate the bar code for other items, scan them via Zebra scanner and sell them through the Android POS terminal.