Increase revenue and profitability by giving your customers the best restaurant experience.

Time Management

Time Management

Time Management

This feature is used by employees to clock in or clock out. You can print sales reports from their hours.

Staff Management

Flexible Staff Management

Different roles can be applied to the same employee, and you can set up employee profiles to run payrolls. You can also add or edit time reports from the backend.

Order Management


Add any type of discount, be it an amount of money or a percentage, or pre-defined. This makes the checkout process faster, and enables you to see all the details in reports.

Payment Options

Convenient Payment Options

Your customers can use several different payment methods, like cash, credit cards, checks, gift cards, and any other user-defined payment methods.

Split Check

Split Check

Your customers can split the check into either a number (for example, if there's four people, it would be split in four ways) or position.

Real time Cloud


Access a Multitude of Reports
View reports for stock, tips, employees, performance, operations, products, sales, transactions, and more.

Multiple Locations
See reports from multiple locations in one place.

Cloud Data management
Manage your data through a cloud solution to access the data anywhere, anytime.

Powerful Reporting
Our reports provide an in depth analysis on sales, payroll, taxes, and other factors.

Project Mix Report
Customer Management



Know your customers
Learn more about your customers by viewing customer data.

Customer Data
In customer management, you can view a customer's loyalty points, add discounts for a certain customer, write notes (for allergy information or other limitations), or press "previous order" to quickly add a customer's previous order.

Service Area Management

  1. Manage your service according to your business needs. Service areas are available for dine-in areas (such as patios, bars, and more), takeout, and delivery. Service area reporting offers revenue reports on the different service areas.
  2. Positioning, coursing, and firing are all available.
  3. Bar tabs- Start a tab with a card, or manually, for fast bars.
  4. Delivery Management- It's easy to add a delivery address. Assign delivery drivers to make the delivery.
  5. Caller ID Integration- Use our Caller ID feature to take orders on the phone in quick manner.
  6. Takeout order- Take pick up orders for now or the future, and save the data for the customer to order again in future.
Service Area Management

Affordability and Efficiency

Affordable Hardware

We offer hardware for affordable, one-time prices.

Increase Service Efficiency

We created simple order taking, easy payment options, and effortless management. Together, these features increase the efficiency of your business.

Payment Processor Freedom

We're integrated with the top payment processors, so you don't have to stick to one payment processor; it's your choice!

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