Increase Revenue and Profitability Give your customers the best restaurant experience.

Time Management

Easily have your employees clock in or clock out. Print sales reports, assign pins and calculate payroll. Our unique QR code clock-in speeds up and modernizes shift changes.


Add any type of discount, by amount, percentage, or a pre-defined offering. Make the checkout process faster and track that data through our extensive and detailed reports.

Convenient Payment Options

Your customers can use several different payment methods. From the traditional cash, check, or credit. To in-house gift cards, and any other uniquely user-defined payment methods!

Split Check

Easily split a check by the number of guests or position! Our friendly interphase makes splitting checks painless and fast so your servers can continue to help other guests!

Flexible Staff Management

Different job roles can be applied to the same employee — especially if they wear multiple hats! Managers can edit time reports from the Quantic Backend Portal so hours are always in control.

Increase Service Efficiency

Quantic POS has simple ordering, easy payment options, and effortless service area management. Together, these features increase the efficiency of the revenue centers throughout your business.

Real-Time Cloud Reporting

View reports on stock, tips, employees, performance, operations, products, sales, transactions, and more!

See reports from multiple franchise locations all in one place!

Manage your data with our cloud solution! Access your business information anywhere, anytime.

Our reports provide an in-depth analysis of sales, payroll, taxes, and other essential business metrics to keep your tables turning!

Customer Management

Learn more about your customers by their viewing past orders, total purchases, and unique customer notes!

With Customer Management, you can even view a customer’s loyalty points, add discounts, or unique prices for certain customers! Quantic’s attention to detail helps restaurants offer the best customer experience!

Service Area Management

Service Areas are available for dine-in areas (such as patios, bars, and dining rooms), takeout, as well as delivery. Enjoy revenue reports on the different service areas, and always know what components of your business are bringing in the most money!

Easily start a bar tab with a card or name, and even transfer that tab directly to a table.

Add a delivery address, assign delivery drivers and make deliveries with Quantic’s Delivery Management. Our unique Caller ID feature can be enabled so that when a repeat customer calls in, you already know their name, location, and usual order!

Take pick-up orders for now or well into the future! Save the Order Data to the customer to easily order again in the future!

Why Quantic Provides the Best Restaurant Experience

Quantic is Affordable

Quantic offers a vast variety of features at a modest price!

Quantic is Intuitive

Quantic requires minimal to virtually no training, thanks to our easy-to-understand software.

Payment Processor Freedom

We’re integrated with several top payment processors, so you’re not locked into just one option! Notice the difference that processing freedom makes by working with whatever option works best for your business!

Quantic is Customizable

Quantic is highly customizable; by working with our Professional Development Service get your POS, your way!

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