Inventory Management

With Quantic POS you can now track your inventory in real time so you know what to reorder and when. Easily find thousands of items by organizing them in their respective categories.This is how the inventory page looks in the Quantic Retail backend portal.
Here, Quantic can update inventory count for you, send automatic stock alerts and generate purchase orders so you’re always stocked. On the portal
you will see:

  • The item name and vendor name.
  • Cost of Goods (COG).
  • In hand quantity of stocks.
  • Items sold.
  • Reordering point of an item.
  • Item status.

Updating existing stock and adding a new stock

Login to the Quantic backend portal. Click on the left navigation bar , under it click Inventory. Now click the Inventory tab on the top of the screen.Under Inventory, you can see all the items which are enabled for inventory tracking .To add a new stock click on the right hand side and then a pop-up require you to put details and finally click as shown in the screenshot.

Creating Purchase Orders (PO)

Login to the Quantic backend portal. Click on the left navigation bar , click Inventory .Click the tab on top of the screen. Click on the top right to start a new PO. Click the drop-down field below Select Vendor and select the vendor from the drop-down list for whom you want to create a purchase order.Enter the item that you want to add to the PO and click .

Change the QTY you want to order and add the cost if it doesn’t auto-fill. Do the same thing for any additional items you want to add to the PO.Once done, click as shown in the screenshot.

The PO generated can be downloaded as a pdf and you can email it directly to the vendor.Now you can check the PO status on the main PO screen as shown in the above screenshot. A newly generated PO will be marked as Pending under the Status column. Once the shipment is received, click the icon corresponding to a particular item to receive the PO.You can also edit the PO at any time by clicking corresponding to the PO.
Once the order is received you can update the PO generated as seen in the screenshot.For partial shipment, you can change the QTY Received. After final confirmation on the QTY received, click . This will automatically update the In Hand Inventory.If the order was fully received, it will be marked as Received on the POS list.

If it was only partially received, it will show Partially Received (in red) under status.