Taking Pizza Orders from the POS

Once you have created the Modifier Groups, added the Modifiers in it and
created the list of Pizza Items in the backend portal, you are all set to take the
pizza orders from Quantic POS. You can add toppings to the Whole, First half
and Second half of the pizza. Here are the steps.

Select the pizza

For example, a customer has ordered a BBQ Chicken Pizza and wants to add different toppings on both halves. So, here is how you can do it.
Login to the Quantic POS app, click any service area for which you want to take an order. In this illustration, we have chosen Quick Order.
Now search for the pizza that the customer wants to place. Choose the one from the list on the right-hand side. Since our customer wants BBQ Chicken Pizza (12 Inches), we can tap on the apt option.

Add modifiers/toppings

Now you can customize the pizza as per your customer’s choice. The next screen will prompt you to select the Pizza Toppings for Whole pizza, Left half and the Second half.
  • Toppings on Whole pizza

    Make sure none of the halves is selected and click the required toppings on the list.


  • Toppings on First half or Second half

    Click the First half or Second half button and select the required toppings to be added on either half. The price will be calculated automatically. To have more topping options, you can head over to the backend portal and add the toppings under the Modifiers tab.

The POS screen will display the Item name and modifiers on the left as seen in the above screenshot. After adding modifiers, click the Done button on the top right corner.

Accept the payments

The due amount will be reflected in the bottom left corner. Ask the mode of payment from your customer and tap on Cash or Card, accordingly.

Discounting the customers

You can attract the customers by offering them discounts and managers can even comp the orders.
To offers discounts, click the ➕ Select button at the bottom right corner. Select the order on which you want to apply the discounts and click the Discount button on the right-hand panel.
At the bottom of the screen, you can choose to print the Merchant or Customer Copy by clicking the Print button. Also, you can email the order receipts by entering the email address in the apt field and click the Send button.
The Discount screen will open. Enter the discount in $ or % and put the reason for discounts.
You can also quicken up the discounting process by selecting the pre-defined discounts at the bottom of the screen. In the above example, we have chosen 25% Off at the bottom of the screen.