How to associate modifiers to categories or items?

A modifier group will contain multiple related modifiers, which are leveraged to structure your menu. It is recommended to use logical modifier groups, such as what type of dressing for the salad being ordered which would be called Salad Dressing or alcohol preparation modifier group called Drink Prep etc.Note: It may be important to minimize the Modifier groups. Also, it needs to be ensured that groups are structured and labeled correctly. This will reduce the risk of replicating similar group types.

  1. Click the Modifier Groups tab on the top menu bar.
  2. Once this icon is highlighted, click on the ➕ icon on the right side of the screen.
  1. Click the Detail tab and enter the Name, choose the Background and Font color as well.
  1. Now click the Settings tab. It is recommended to select the box adjacent to Mark as Forced Modifier.
  1. Then enter the Minimum and Maximum Forced Count in the respective field box. Once done, click Save.
  1. Finally, click the Pre/Post Modifier tab and fill in the required details. By setting pre/post on the modifier, the order accuracy enhances, leading to efficient restaurant operations. You also have the option to overwrite the price at the Modifier group level. Example: Extra Mustard can have a fixed price or the price can be a multiplier. You also have the option to enter a different name for the POS and the Kitchen. Abbreviations can be used for the Kitchen if required. It will print the kitchen ticket with the abbreviations.
  2. Once done, click Save at the bottom right corner.

Example: Condiment option is a modifier group and mustard and ranch are the modifiers under that group. With the help of pre/post modifiers, you can now associate the modifiers with prefixes such as “No Mustard” or “Light Ranch”. In this scenario, No and Light are the prefix for the modifiers. Another option will be to add the modifier with the suffix as “Ranch On the side” or “Mustard Extra”. In this case On the side and Extra are acting as a suffix for the modifier.