How to create a Subcategory in Portal?

Creating subcategories will break things further for easier navigation for large categories.
Note: It may be important to minimize subcategories to reduce the number of taps needed to get to an actual item.

  1. Open the Catalog page as shown in the screenshot. Click the Categories tab on the top.
  2. Click on the ➕ Add Sub-category icon underneath the associated Category as displayed in the screenshot.
  1. Fill in all required fields as indicated in the screenshot. Add the image of the sub-category in the image box. Enter the sub-category name in the Category Name field.
  2. Tap the checkboxes next to Copy to Kitchen name, Copy to Receipt name and Copy to Web name (if you want to keep the same name of sub-categories at these places).
  3. Select the Parent Category, Super Category, and Tax Class from the dropdown.
  4. Set the Background color and the Font color for the sub-category name in the POS.
  1. Click the Assignment tab.
  2. Now select the PrinterKDS, and Course that you want to associate this sub-category with.
  1. Click the Online Ordering tab.
  2. To activate this sub-category for online ordering, turn on the switch next to Enable Web and enter the name with which you want this sub-category to be recognized for online order.
  3. To mark this as a featured sub-category, ✔️ the checkbox next to Mark as Highlighted/Featured.

NoteEnable Web will be enabled automatically for this sub-category, if the Enable Web is activated for its parent category and the Inherit Online is enabled for this sub-category. In such a scenario, the sub-category name will automatically appear in the web name.

  1. Click the Inherit Properties tab.
  2. Here you will see that by default all boxes are marked. If you do not want the sub-category to inherit a specific setting, uncheck the box next to that setting.

Note: If Inherit Online is selected, this sub-category will inherit the settings from the Online Ordering tab.

  1. Now go to the Additional Settings tab.
  2. Enter the name of the sub-category you want to display in the Kitchen printer and Receipt.
  3. Select the Terminal to be associated with this sub-category.
  4. Fill in the other details and click Save.