Table Reservation

Table reservation feature allows the restaurants to reserve a table for the guests so that they do not have to wait for a table to free up when they arrive at the restaurant at a given time. Server will simply need to select the date and time of reservation, select the table to reserve and check-in the guest at the selected time. Follow the steps below to complete the table reservation setup.

Table Reservation Setup

Please take a note, the reservation feature works only with the Main Dining service area type. If your POS doesn’t have the Main Dining service area setup, please make sure to set that up first. Follow the steps in this link to setup the main dining service area. Once done, you can follow the below steps to setup the table reservation.

  1. Log in to the backend using your credentials. 
  2. Go to the Configuration section and search for Enable Table Reservations.
  3. Turn on the switch next to this configuration.
  1. This will enable the Reservation section on the left navigation in the POS.

Reserving a Table in Quantic POS

Use the following steps to reserve a table for the guest so that the guest need not wait for the table to free up.

  1. Log in to your Quantic POS.
  2. Go to the left navigation menu and click Reservations.
  1. To create a new reservation, click  button as shown in the screenshot.
  1. Select the date and time of table reservation.
  2. Select the guest count.
  3. Select the Table to be reserved.
  4. Select the event type for which the guest needs reservation.
  5. Enter the Customer details such as phone number, first name and last name. If the customer details are already saved, the name will auto-populate.
  6. Once done, click Confirm Reservation.
  1. The table reservation will be created for that guest.
  1. Now visit the Main Dining service area, the reserved table will be marked  on it.

Checking-In on Reserved Table

When the guest show up at the stipulated time, the server will need to check-in the guest and start the order at the reserved table. Here are the steps to be followed.

  1. Login to your Quantic POS.
  2. Go to the Main Dining service area, the reserved table will be marked .
  3. Tap  icon on the table and click Check-In.
  1. Click the Check-In button.
  1. Now select the table to start the order.
  2. Now add items to the cart and proceed to the checkout.